Driving Lessons

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​​In-Car Driving Lessons

  • ​​Become a Better, Safer Driver: Our highly patient and professional instructors teach the latest defensive driving techniques, valuable tips for vehicle control and more. 
  • Approved:  Our instructors are DDS licensed with years of experience teaching drivers of all ages. 
  • Convenient: Weekends and evenings available. Free pickup and drop-off always included—we come to you!
  • Road Ready: Get comfortable driving on the highway, downtown, parking and master the road test skills.
  • Fear NO More: Our driving lessons aim to get you back in drivers seat after a collision, driving scare, or even if you have never driven at all.
  • ​DDS Road Test Option:  Use our vehicle for your road test. The instructor takes you to the DDS and walks you through the whole process. You'll get 90-minutes of practice before your test and use of vehicle for test.  All services include free pickup and drop-off.  

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How much are driving lessons?
2 hours = $150 (great review for road test or new drivers that need an evaluation)
6 hours = $390 (most popular) 
8 hours = $495 (master refresher course) 
10 hours = $600 (recommended for most drivers) 
12 hours = $710 (great savings & gets most new drivers ready for the road test)
20 hours = $1,140 (max savings & great way to achieve the most confidence and experience)

What we teach?
Our goal is to get each student road ready with skills to drive confidently any vehicle and pass the road test at any local DDS. The instructor can cover basic driving skills, lane changing, various parking scenarios, reversing techniques, highway driving, practice home-to-work/school (vice versa) driving routes and prepare for road test. 

How many lessons do I need?
The average new driver with little/no experience will need 8 to 12 hours of professional training. Each driving lesson is 2-hours. The driving lessons are offered everyday from 8:00AM to 8:00PM.  

DDS Road Test Option.
If you need to rent a car for road test, then our Road Test Package is perfect for you. This package allows you to use the same vehicle and also get additional practice before taking the actual road test. DDS requires all road test to be done by appointment only. So on the day of your appointment, an instructor will pick-up with enough time to practice road test skills for 70 to 90 minutes. Amount of practice depends on distance from pick-up address to actual DDS road test center. We practice until it's time to check-in for the road test at DDS. It's a great option for the nervous student or anyone without the use of a comfortable vehicle. The cost is $180. Call us at 770-650-7787 to schedule your road test. Let's go ahead and plan your "graduation" date soon.

Sign up today and we will contact you to answer any questions and schedule driving lessons.  You may also call us at 770-650-7787.