What form of payments are accepted?  We accept Cash, Money Order, Paypal, VISA, MasterCard and AMEX.

What and when can I come take assessment?  You may walk-in during office hours or set-up an appointment to take the assessment. It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. The assessment is a DDS mandated survey for all students. Call desired location for office hours.

Can I spread out my DUI classes over several days not listed in schedules?  You must start on 1st day and continue until the last day. We offer 5 different options that fit many work and family schedules. DDS does not allow students to randomly select dates to complete the required 20-hours. You must attend consecutive days to receive a certificate of completion. Late arrivals are forbidden.

Can I also take my Victim Impact Panel and DUI Clinical Evaluation with ALFA?  YES, We offer other classes and services that may help you.  We offer the 2-hr Victim Impact Panel, the Drug/Alcohol Clinical Evaluation and Defensive Driving Class to reduce 7-points off license.  Call or register online.

For how long are the Certificates of Completion valid?  DDS issues and validates each certificate of completion. The certificate expires after 3-years from class date, or after it is presented/recorded with court, probation, insurance or other US entity.  We notify DDS of each student that completes a class and DDS issues each certificate.  DDS is the creator of certificates, we simply give them to each student at the end of class.  All student files and certificates are kept on file for 3-years.

DUI Class (also known as Risk Reduction)

  • ​Approved:  DDS licensed and Court Approved. Certificate of Completion is given to you at end of class.

  • Flexible Schedules:  Classes offered weekly. Choose between weekday, weeknights or weekends options.

  • Convenient Locations:  Alfa has 7 locations at your service. Short drive from anywhere.   

  • Easy Registration:  3 ways to us, online or in-person. 

  • Lowest Fee by Law:  $360 total.  This fee is set and mandated by the Georgia Dept of Driver Services (DDS). 

​...SEE SCHEDULE BELOW - CHOOSE a Weekend or Weekday class at 7 LOCATIONS​...

​Course Information
​The DUI/risk reduction program is mandated for those convicted with driving under the influence (DUI), boating under the influence (BUI), possession of illegal drugs, or underage possession of alcohol while operating a motor vehicle. The fee for the course is $360, which is set and mandated by the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). This fee can be paid altogether or can be split into 2 payments—$100 when you take the NEEDS assessment, $260 at the start date of your class. All payments must be completed prior to the start of class.

The DUI/risk reduction program is made up of two different parts: the assessment component and the 20-hour class itself.

Part 1:  NEEDS Assessment Component—$100
The first part is the NEEDS assessment. This is different from the state mandated clinical evaluation/Drug and Alcohol evaluation and can only be administered by a certified traffic school. The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) requires that you complete this component prior to the start of your class. It only takes 20-25 minutes and can be completed at any time in our office. Call us to schedule a time to complete the assessment component of the DUI/risk reduction class!

Part 2:  20-hour Risk Reduction/DUI Class—$260
After taking the NEEDS assessment, you must complete a 20-hour DUI/risk reduction course. The 20-hour course must be taken consecutively.  This program satisfies Court and DDS to be eligible to reinstate a drivers license, if suspended.

So there it is! That's all the information about the risk reduction program!


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