YES, you can now complete YOUR CLASS ONLINE

Due to COVID-19, all ALFA Driving School classes have been APPROVED by the Georgia Department of Driver Services to be offered online.  Accepted by Georgia DDS and all courts.

Register exactly as you would if you were attending class. A certificate of completion is emailed as soon as class is over. Register online, call or text us at 404-600-1200.

International Drivers

DID YOU KNOW....An IDP (International Driving Permit) is a translation of your home-country driver's license into 10 languages, including English. There is no such thing as an "international driver's license."

If you plan to drive in the US we recommend that you get a Georgia driver's license for a number of reasons:

- Georgia defines a resident as someone who maintains a permanent home in the state. Unfortunately, regulations also note that engaging in employment or enrolling children in public schools can lead to a presumption of resident status.

- When you buy a car in Georgia you have to register the vehicle in your county, which requires a valid Georgia driver's license or state identification card.

- A police officer conducting a traffic stop may ask to see your passport or visa to verify your foreign license, so if you should carry it with you when driving. If they aren’t aware of the provision allowing foreign citizens to drive using an out-of-country license, they might still give you a citation for driving without a license.​

How can ALFA Driving School help you?

(1)  Obtaining Georgia Permit. We offer the Georgia driving manual in English and Spanish.  

(2)  Review Driving Skills to better understand US driving regulations.  Lessons offered daily from 8AM to 8PM.

(3)  Schedule and Prepare for the Georgia road skills test within 3-5 days.  We provide the car for testing.

​​How much are driving lessons?
2 hours = $150 (great review for international drivers wanting to learn the Georgia rules of the road)

6 hours = $390 (most popular for international drivers with little to no experience)

When can I take my Road Test?

Practice and take your road test using our vehicle. We schedule the road test from Tuesdays to Saturdays. On the day of the road test, the instructor will arrive at the client's address at the scheduled pick-up time. The instructor will provide a 90-minute review of testing procedures and required skills. It is important for the client to understand that we have limited practice time. Therefore, we advise all students to have a minimum of 20-hours of driving experience prior to the road test date. We will use the practice time to focus on the road test skills, including, parking and/or driving. Our goal is for you to drive safely first and then pass the road test. The road test package is $200. The total time with a student is 4-hours. This allows enough time to pick-up, practice for a minimum of 90-minutes, take the road test, obtain a driver's license from DDS and drop-off.  To schedule a road test, call 404-600-1200, click HERE or go online to: