Welcome to Alfa Driving School! We look forward to partnering with you and your student for all your driver training needs.

Please take a moment to read the information below:

Required Documents:

Signed Contract - An electronic contract will be sent via Docusign to the email you provided at registration.

Permit - If your student has already obtained their permit, please have them bring the permit to class. If your student does not yet have a permit, a copy will need to be sent to the office once they obtain a permit.

Permit Information:

If your student has not obtained a permit, below you will find some helpful resources to get them started!

You may click HERE for a direct link to the Driver’s Manual and HERE for the Practice Test. For your convenience, click HERE to create a checklist of the items you will need when you go the Department of Driver Services to obtain your student’s learner’s permit.

Classroom Information: We have scrap paper and pencil for students, they are also welcome to bring in their own notebook and writing utensil if they prefer. Students will have a 1 hour lunch break each day and may bring in their own lunch, may walk to any of the local eateries, or may be picked up by their parents. Our classrooms are also equipped with a vending machine that the student may utilize throughout the day.

In Car Lessons: All of our driving lessons are scheduled online and must be completed at the location where the student has attended a class. We have partnered with Drive Scout to facilitate the process for scheduling in car driving lessons. Students will be shown in class on how to create their online scheduling account, or you may refer to your confirmation email and select “How to Schedule Driving Lessons” for step by step instructions.

All of our driving lessons are two-hours in duration and there is a 6 month deadline from the last day of class to complete the driving hours. Student that do not have a permit will have 6 months from their permit issue date to complete their in car lessons.

Students will be picked up at their High School, in the parent carpool line, or at Home and will be dropped off at Home upon lesson completion. If you live outside of our service area, a mutually agreed upon meeting location will be arranged. For safety reasons, we recommend students were closed toe shoes for all lessons.

By law, students are required to have their permit with them during all driving lessons. If the student has forgotten their permit, the instructor will drive them home to retrieve it. If the student is still unable to locate their permit, the lesson will be cancelled and a $50 fee incurred.

Please remember that if you cancel a driving lesson within 48 hours of the scheduled drive, you will incur a $50 late cancellation fee. Your account will be made inactive until payment is received, future lessons may be cancelled if a payment is not made. If we are able to schedule another student in that lesson, as a courtesy, your fee will be waived.

Our schedule is managed on a rolling basis. New driving lessons are released each Tuesday morning around 10am.

Road Test:

In order to schedule a Road Test appointment, student must first complete their 30 hours of class and 6 hours of driving lessons. Parents may call into the office to schedule the Road Test appointment the next business day after the last driving lesson. Road Tests must be done at the location where the student has taken their 30 hours of class. Students may not test until their eligibility date, which is one year and one day after their permit issue date. 

Welcome to Alfa Driving School